Attention Homeowners! Prepare Hvac Systems Now For Colder Weather Ahead

Technicians offer tips for preparing and preserving
Heating and cooling units before the change in seasons

HOUSTON (Sept. 20, 2018) – Fall starts this weekend, and many people are packing away summer wardrobes and pulling out burnt orange décor. However, there’s an essential task homeowners need to complete, and often do not think about, before the change in the seasons. Homeowners need to prepare their HVAC systems – both outside air conditioning units and furnaces – for the upcoming cooler months.

Proactively conducting a few simple to-dos and scheduling a maintenance check with a qualified HVAC technician, homeowners can help prolong the life of their HVAC systems, maintain efficiency and potentially help avoid future costly repairs.

Here are some tips from One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning® technicians:

  • Change air filters. Especially after the harsh summer months, a clean air filter will keep the HVAC system running efficiently and help ensure good air quality. 
  • Clean air vents. Use a vacuum to clear dust, pet dander and debris from the vents. This will help circulate the air that’s needed to regulate the temperature of the home.
  • Clear the furnace area. If the furnace is located in a storage area of the home, take heed of items that have piled up around the area during cooling season. Any flammable materials left propped against the furnace constitute a potential fire hazard. 
  • Test the furnace and thermostat. Before it’s actually needed, let the furnace run for 10 minutes to ensure it’s working properly. There will likely be an odor, but it should only last for a few minutes. This is also a good time to test the thermostat and make sure it’s working in heating mode.
  • Prune landscaping and protect the outdoor air conditioning unit. If winter rains and snowstorms are a threat, prune bushes and shrubs that surround the a/c unit now. Consider cleaning the unit with a hose and using a protectant to help avoid corrosion during the winter. 

Before performing any maintenance on an air conditioning unit or heater, remember to turn off power to the unit. Or better yet – leave it to the professionals. Now’s the perfect time for homeowners to schedule an annual maintenance check, and the skilled One Hour technicians can inspect and clean all parts of the HVAC system, helping to ensure homeowners stay comfortable all season long.

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